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Notes on Dualravens

Thoughts on the Website

  • This is a website just about permanently under construction.   I update Ravens most every day, with other time being spent on adding new sections (such as the Stations of the Cross).  My hope is to build a substantial home for Spirituality on the web over time, with new bits and pieces being added every few weeks on top of everything else. 

  • The launch date for was March 5, 2004. 

  • If you are interested in knowing who I am, click on the "Patrick Oden" link at the bottom of the page.  Or just look around, I reveal a lot of my inner self in all sorts of places.

  • My goal is to also interact with the various symbols throughout time, using them as Christians have always used them, to explain and expand how we understand ourselves and how others understand us.  My love for ravens comes from watching them, and from the connection they have with my namesake, the Norse god.  I explain my use of these totem animals further on another page.  Go back to the start page and click on the picture of Odin and his ravens.  

  • Let me know your thoughts or opinions as they come.  This is a place to explore my own spiritual life, and maybe in doing so assist others.  I am eager to use my gifts in whatever way is possible, and would love to hear from you on deep, or not so deep issues.

  • The answers to the secret quiz are as follows: a) no  b) yes, but not all time c) tapioca pudding d) with a gentle tug, until you hear a snap e) Manchester United  f) on April 23, 1843 g) a duck and/or small rocks.  Give yourself one point for every right answer.  

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Notes on Dualravens
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